USB Disk Pro for iPhone Отзывы пользователей

Very good app

I have been using this for a long time to listen to recorded material off the Internet and it has been excellent and I would recommend it to anyone, simple to use and does a good job…jc

iPhone X

Can we get iPhone X support

one problem

high chance it freezes if you use the web browser, fix that and the app is perfect!

Excellent app

Really like this app!


It is very recommended.

Ubidisk's wifi transfer worked better

Everytime I try to transfer a photo or video to my ps3 over wifi, the download sticks at 99% and just never finishes. What changed when the app got it's makeover? When this app was ubidisk the wifi transfers were flawless. I'd try using a computer but I don't own one and my ps3 is my only device I can use to download media files and back them up to a usb drive. If this doesn't get fixed soon I may start looking for another app to do what I need to do.

Fantastic app!!! A++++

I use USB disk for motivational audiobooks purchased on MP3 and this app allows a place to save and play them securely without connecting to outside sources. Brilliant. I don't mind buying iphone and ipad versions separately for such a well written app. I have used this app for 2 years now. Highly recommended

Great for my job

I'm always emailing out my headshot and resume from this app, no matter where I'm at.


Been using this for years now on my iPod. Does what I need it to do perfectly. If I wasn't a PC gamer, my iPod would be my laptop (it kind of already is with this app).


Very we'll written. The protected file feature is very much useful as well. The SFTP feature is quite useful. A must have utility.


Pero tienen que corregir el error de reproducción de música segundo plano que tiene la aplicación.

Don't buy

Always crashes.Pleases fix this issue,this app is only good for less than a minute at a time.


This app has the potential to one of the best.... It is laggy but seems to smooth out over use there are some issues as far as memory is concerned during file transfers but once you complete the transfer and delete cache it's plays well. layout,3D touch,file viewer, are top notch.

Don’t buy - Very buggy

Keeps crashing on iPhone 6s Plus. Files transfer slowly and then stall. Unacceptable for a paid program.


Great app for having all you cloud stored files in one place.

Great Tool to have

This is a must have tool.

A great place to store your files

It is a great link to your windows for text files.

Best iPhone drive app

Exactly what I wanted


Very nice application and hope you Arabic language support and continued support to [voice over]

Buena app para ser gratis

Y mas cuando una app tan trabajada es gratis

Good utility

Works great for me for sending attachments and other useful things

Bad security, needs work.

Incredibly slow to load content from a webdav server, over 10x slower than other apps I have. No thumbnail support for images on owncloud servers. Prior review: Only option for webdav servers is either to have a full cert or completely ignore the cert. Terribly insecure, needs to be able to validate self signed certs (display cert info for verification) and then be able to store and check that it is the same from then on. Doesn't seem to be any way to sync files/photos to webdav, only simple upload/download which is a pain. Also doesn't use the server name you set in the top of screen status, just calls it "webdav". Can create text files but can't put anything in them or edit them? What use is that?


I use this for audiobooks. It will crash all the time and I'll lose my place in the book. Such a pain. App deleted.

Love it

This update fixed the locked out problem. Now my favorite app again!!!

Update Made App Worthless

I removed passwords and turn them off before updating. After updating All my files and folders are gone! The settings button or anything to modify anything does not exist when opening app. All I see is the word "empty". The app has no functionality at all.


App crashes on iPad mini 2 when deleting a file. Probably other file management problems as well. Works on iPhone 6, however. Needs to be back-compliant.

Password lost, files lost

I have been using this app for a few years and it has been great until they totally botched the last update which locked me out of my protected files. I saw no such warning to remove my pass codes. No way to retrieve files. No way to ever trust this app again for protected files. I wish I could select a zero star rating.


Good one

App does not open after update

Developer really screwed this update up. Can't access my files!!!

iOS8 auto updates

App becomes worthless with latest update no warning at all if passcode is set. This needs to be fixed right away.

I don't know

I didn't take my password off because I have auto updated apps but I used iexplorer to get my files out so I'm not too mad, but seriously guys? Next time try to make an effort to make sure that doesn't happen.

Yay the second to last update made voice over work within files again.

I got the warning to turn off passwords, and made sure they were off. Took a deep breath hoping voice over would still fully function in the open files after update, and it did! Very happy to have access with voice over, without having to open in a separate app to read the file.

V 2.2.0 Lost Password

Lost password and local files with it. No good. Freezes on windows 8 when exchanging files on mapped drive. Does not save PDF from email to dropbox.

Let that be a lesson

Remove passwords before updating first time this happened with this app but not the first time ever

Fix this bug

USB's useless if you can't access the stuff you stored on it.

Update locked me out!

Last update causes ap to not recognize 4 digit pin. Please fix ASAP!

Do not upgrade without removing protection

Upgraded the app and it reset the protection code. Can't access anything that was protected. Remove all protection/security before upgrading...or don't even upgrade to this version.


It was the best app I never had. Since the last update,App won't open,it keeps telling me my pass word is wrong when it clearly is not.after several try delete and reinstall app automatically losing all my F*** files . Special thanks !!!!! Developers

Add iCloud Drive

Please add: * Support to iCloud Drive * Allow the player to show GIF videos

Can't access files now

The four digit code it asks for does not accept my code that I have used no matter how many attempts or restarting or resetting the application. This is a major problem which needs to be fixed immediately.



Perfect for what I need!

Keeps good track of large files that I can convert to smaller size to add more room on iPhone memory.


Very nice app! Used everyday.


This app connects so many services it's awesome. You have a list of all your accounts and photos. One of the best Apps I've ever downloaded. 5 Stars Earned

Update on 8/14/2014 protected all my files

When a file is protected it cannot be backed up even with iTunes. I sent the support team an email about the bug and they suggested a work around that doesn't work either. They didn't say when the update to correct the issue would be released.

Upon using the app for the first time

a notification should pop up to inform the user that the app sends usage information by default. When you buy a new iphone and use it for the first time, apple asks you if it's cool or not to send diagnostic information and I think this app should too

Maya baloch

Great app wait for more updates to come

Great application

thank you

This is a must have app!!!

I love this app and can't imagine not having it. Works flawlessly and greatly adds to my iPhone's capabilities.